These hoes ain't royaL (2020)

Moving Image (6 mins)

While Kate Middleton’s dead body is on display at Madame Tussauds, Kate’s rejected, jealous and cripplingly irrelevant triplet sisters pose as her in the 2011 Royal Wedding. The saboteurs, for the first time ever, have agency, taking the viewer through scenes of ‘Billie Jean’ beatboxing, creepy wedding speeches and a post-mortem examination. These Hoes Ain’t Royal (2020), considers ideas surrounding fame and violence within internet and meme culture. Inspired by the history of republican movements, this film uses satire to interrogate the monarchy and their societal role, using the celebrity character of Kate Middleton as bait. 


Director: Lizzy Deacon

Writer: Lizzy Deacon

Editor: Lizzy Deacon

Cinematographer: Sahaya James/Lizzy Deacon

Kate Middleton double: Clementine Pinet

Screened at/Featured in:

Goldschimdt('s) at HFBK (2020), Hamburg 

Live, WET Productions/Dovetail Joints Gallery (2020)

Issue 2. Backlog Zine (2020)

'Accident'. Random Access Memory (2020)

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